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ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students)

Course Information

Why Study English with the Australian College of the Professions (ACP)?

At ACP, our goal is to make your learning experience in Sydney as rewarding and practical as possible by giving you premium resources and excellent student support.

  • Expert Teachers – our staff focus on supporting and motivating students to reach their full English language potential. ACP is registered with CRICOS (Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students), and our teachers are fully qualified and experienced.
  • Prime Location – ACP is in the heart of the Sydney CBD and 200 metres from Central Railway Station.
  • Exceptional Student Support – ACP offers well-planned and immediate support for international students. We can advise on essentials such as accommodation, student welfare, and legal and work rights.

Programs Description

General English (GE) is designed to develop autonomous learning through student-centred activities. Students will learn how to communicate accurately and clearly in everyday situations outside the classroom. The course effectively integrates the four macro-skills, which optimises the possibility of students reaching their learning potential.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) prepares students for the academic rigour of a degree course learning and assessment environment, with a focus on critical thinking, academic writing, and presentation skills. Students will learn to be able to participate in university lectures, lab classes and workshops confidently and effectively.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Preparation focuses on the four sections of the IELTS Test: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. The course is intensive in nature, designed to accustom students to the sustained levels of skill, discipline and concentration that the test requires. We help students reach their IELTS score potential.

Entry Requirements

Students are at least 16 years old to enrol in and there is no study duration. Students can study any duration of the program in accordance with their needs and goals.  You are not required to have any previous knowledge of English, as you can begin at General English beginner level.

Students looking to study IELTS Preparation or EAP are required to establish that they have a achieved a minimum IELTS score of 5.0, or equivalent. General English students take a placement assessment test at the beginning of the course on their first day to establish their level of English language.

Course Duration & Delivery

The General English course has 6 levels, with 12 weeks per level, while the EAP and IELTS courses have 2 levels, also with 12 weeks per level. Classes are held face-to-face for 20 hours per week at the ACP campus in Sydney, Australia.

We have new enrolments every Monday, meaning you can begin your English studies at any time of the year.

What You Will Learn

ACP ELICOS courses cater for all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Our courses will:

  1. Develop Accuracy
  • Students will practice language skills in verbal and written form.
  • Feedback will be given regarding language errors.
  • Areas of study include general sentence construction, pronunciation, spelling, verb usage, word definitions and comprehension.
  1. Improve Fluency
  • Students will practice thinking and speaking in various situations.
  • Feedback will be given regarding how students can avoid problems that impede fluency.
  • Areas of study include creative and critical thinking, public speaking and debating.
  1. Provide Motivation
  • Students will be engaged in relevant topics and issues.
  • Students will be encouraged to have fun while learning.
  • Teachers will develop a good rapport with their students.
  • Teachers will focus on being aware of student needs and concerns.
  1. Foster Confidence
  • Students will study in an environment where they feel secure and comfortable.
  • Students will develop the tools necessary to communicate effectively.
  • Teachers will provide positive feedback whenever possible.
  • Teachers will encourage all students to actively participate.

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