Certificate IV Kitchen Management (109539D)

Course Description

This qualification reflects the role of commercial cooks with supervisory or team-leading roles in the kitchen. They operate independently or with limited guidance from others and use discretion to solve non-routine problems. This qualification provides a pathway to work in organisations such as restaurants, hotels, clubs, pubs, cafes and coffee shops, or to run a small business in these sectors.


No Pathway

Career Opportunities

Employment outcomes resulting from the completion of this course may include the following roles:

  • Chef
  • Chef de Partie
Course Structure
SITXFSA005 Use hygienic practices for food safety Core
SITXFSA006 Participate in safe food handling practices Core
SITHCCC027 Prepare dishes using basic methods of cookery Core
SITHKOP010 Plan and cost recipes Core
SITHCCC042 Prepare food to meet special dietary requirements Core
SITHCCC023 Use food preparation equipment Core
SITHCCC028 Prepare appetisers and salads Core
SITHCCC029 Prepare stocks, sauces, and soups Core
SITHCCC030 Prepare vegetable, fruit, eggs and farinaceous dishes Core
SITHCCC031  Prepare vegetarian and vegan dishes Core
SITHCCC036 Prepare meat dishes Core
SITHCCC037 Prepare seafood dishes Core
SITHCCC035 Prepare poultry dishes Core
SITHKOP015 Design and cost menus Core
SITHCCC041 Produce cakes, pastries, and breads Core
SITXCOM010 Manage conflict Core
SITHPAT016  Produce desserts Core
SITXHRM008  Roster staff Core
SITXMGT004  Monitor work operations Core
SITXFSA008 Develop and implement a food safety program Core
SITXHRM009 Lead and manage people Core
SITXFIN009 Manage finances within a budget Core
SITXINV006 Receive, store, and maintain stock Core
SITXWHS007 Implement and monitor work health and safety practices. Core
SITHKOP012 Develop recipes for special dietary requirements Core
SITHCCC043 Work effectively as a cook Core
SITHKOP013  Plan cooking operations Core
SITHCCC032 Produce cook-chill and cook-freeze food Core
SITXINV008  Control stock Core
SITHPAT012 Produce specialised cakes Elective
SITHCCC038 Produce and serve food for buffets Elective
SITXINV007 Purchase goods Elective
SITHCCC040 Prepare and serve cheese Elective


  • TERM 1-2/01/2023-30/06/2024
  • TERM 1 Mid-6/02/2023-4/08/2024
  • TERM 2-3/04/2023-29/09/2024
  • TERM 2 Mid-1/05/2023-3/11/2024
  • TERM 3-3/07/2023-29/12/2024
  • TERM 3 Mid-7/08/2023-2/02/2025
  • TERM 4-2/10/2023-30/03/2025
  • TERM 4 Mid-6/11/2023-4/05/2025


  • TERM 1-01/01/2024-30/06/2025
  • TERM 1 Mid-05/02/2024-04/08/2025
  • TERM 2-01/04/2024-29/09/2025
  • TERM 2 Mid-06/05/2024-02/11/2025
  • TERM 3-01/07/2024-29/11/2025
  • TERM 3 Mid-05/08/2024-02/02/2026
  • TERM 4-30/09/2024-06/04/2026
  • TERM 4 Mid-04/11/2024-04/05/2026
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